Balearic Legend Trevor Fung's Desert Island Discs - Exclusive Interview

We have a really exclusive treat for you here, the concept is the same as the BBC Desert Islands Discs - you have to choose 8 songs that you would take if they were the last you would hear again, as you're stranded on an island. But our island is an Acid Desert Island Disco and it's much more fun!

This time we've had the pleasure of a real exclusive, Trevor Fung. Balearic and Acid House legend, and a producer with chart success under different pseudonyms.

Trevor started DJing when he was 16, and lead to playing in Ibiza in 1982, in a little known club called Amnesia... There, he was instrumental in shaping the Balearic sound that would inspire Britain's Acid House revolution. 

In 1988 Trevor’s influence over fellow friends and DJ’s inspired fellow Londoners Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold, Johnny Walker and Danny Rampling. They were all visitors to Trevor’s nights both at The Project Club in Streatham and Ibiza and were inspired to change the face of the London & World Club Scene by launching seminal nights such as ‘The Future’, ‘Spectrum’, ‘Shoom’, ‘The Land Of Oz’, ’Rage’ “Enter the Dragon’ and ‘ Trip’.

Still headlining events today, Trevor is known for his craft and dedication in not just playing the same old classics - a sublime selector and knowledge of building sets that live long in the memory.

Catch him at in London at a night called Resonate on August 27th, which is raising money for a charity very close to his heart - Macmillan Cancer Support.

This special selection of music that has meant the most to him in life from such a true legend, we think you'll enjoy - we've sent Trevor on a boat and it got shipwrecked so take it away Mr Fung, it's took us a year of pestering him to get this...

"Really hard to pick just 8 tracks especially when you’ve been buying music since 1975, so I had to separate them into relevant genres & eras of my life.  Future Past has been going on at me for over a year now…So, I hope you enjoy it because it took me absolutely ages to get it together. "


Marvin Gaye - Where Are We Going?  US Motown 7”

So to start we are going to go way back to my youth, an unreleased track from Marvin Gaye, finally released in 2014.  MG was basically the sound track of my life, well my early years; my father was a DJ in Guyana, South America and loved Soul, Reggae & Motown…So Marvin had to feature without a doubt.


The Diamonds – Country Living   1975 US Impact 7”

Reggae was big in our household with parents and the Mighty Diamonds was one of my favorites, this takes me well back, always on loop, where the arm on the record player would just repeat, repeat, repeat & repeat…



1978 US Sidewalk 12”

I always liked the Jazz Funk side of Disco and this is the star of many!!

I played the faster tempo remix out but this hits the spot and is still play it now and goes down a storm.  Check out the bassline?


The Saturn Symphony Orchestra – Capricorn Flight 7 “ (1981)

US Fraternity Records 7”

Reminds me of being with my mates and hitting the town, the club was Global Village which is now Heaven… a big Disco Funk tune at the time, then MAW done there remake in 2002: Manzel – Space Funk (Fraternity 1977).  & still standing the test of time….Classic!!


Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (1986)

 Well what do you say about this tune, just “ Can you Feel It”, the memories of finishing work, then go dancing around Amnesia in 1987 brings back it all back…way ahead of it’s time.


Risque III - Essence Of A Dream (1987)

 I Love Acid!! Fact!! Long Live Acid House!! & this track….

The early house sound of Chi town and a true pioneer, the smoothness of K. Alexi Shelby sleazy voice and those pads…LUSH!!


Scott Grooves ‎- The Journey (2004)

Oh!! What a track, you don’t want it to end and it’s nearly 10 minutes long.  This reminds me of my days playing in Berlin, one of my favourite tracks ever, turn it up and go on that journey!!


Paul Johnson - Better Than This (Dego & Kaidi 2000 Black Mix) (2014)

Timeless and absolutely quality, just listen …it really doesn’t get better than this…

Future Past - Thanks so much to Trevor, it was worth pestering him for a year to get his selection, and you can feel the passion for the music that shines through. We're honoured to publish this special list of music by such and influential DJ and producer, big up Trevor Fung!

Written by Dean Foster